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Wolf Pack talks Masculinity and Body Image

  • The Pint on Whyte 8032 104 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB, T6E 4E2 Canada (map)

When did you first start noticing what men's bodies are expected to look like, and to be able to do? When did athletic ability start to be equated with being a successful man in your life? Traditional ideas of successful Manhood (in North America at least) have long positioned being tall, athletic, muscular and conventionally good looking as important. What does this mean for men who may be aging, differently abled, shorter than average, or just not interested in sports and fitness? How do notions of successful masculinity intersect with different ideas about fashion, self care, nutrition and exercise? How can we embrace our bodies, while still striving for health and balance in our lives? What effect can a negative body image have on men's mental health long term? We have so much to discuss this month. Join us at the Pint on Whyte from 7:00-9:00 on Tuesday May 28th!