A city where all Edmontonians have the opportunity, knowledge, and skills to build and maintain healthy relationships and communities free from violence and abuse.


To improve overall community health in Edmonton through supporting and promoting healthy masculinities, men’s well-being and healthy relationships, in order to prevent male-perpetrated violence and related negative outcomes.


  • Promote healthy masculinities & healthy relationships

  • Empower men to recognize and speak out against violence

  • Encourage and support men in taking on positive roles in the community

Core Values

  • We believe that no person deserves violence

  • We believe that current gender-roles and perceptions of masculinity contribute to gender-based violence.   

  • We are a pro-feminist organization

  • We believe that all individuals have the ability to contribute to making Edmonton a safe and healthy city and strive to support them in doing so

  • We believe that men and boys need to become leaders in the prevention of male-perpetrated violence as they are uniquely situated to influence their peers

  • We believe that all men and boys have an important role to play in their communities and are vital to society as a whole

  • We believe in empowering people to make healthy choices that benefit themselves and others, not shaming them into further alienation

  • We believe in giving people accurate information and sharing knowledge to allow them to make informed decisions about their attitudes and behaviours.

  • We support other positive community initiatives and work collaboratively

  • We recognize that gender discrimination and bias stems from, and are reinforced by, unquestioned gender roles, these should be challenged, personally and systemically.

  • We believe that people want to be the best version of themselves and have healthy relationships.


Men Edmonton Overview of Activities




ME - Men Edmonton is a community driven initiative formed in 2013 in response to the lack of strength based, peer based supports for men in Edmonton. The group was started by several men working in the oil industry who were tired of the lack of engagement from male peers in important social issues that affect the community.

Their environmental scan revealed that men were viewed mostly as perpetrators of violence rather than as agents of positive change and that it was possible to improve the situation. After community consultations with those working in the field, it was established that no regular, ongoing work was being done through a strength based, peer based, gender transformative, stakeholder approach in the City of Edmonton to actively engage both men and boys in the prevention of violence against women (VAW).

The most current research and literature at the time suggested that these are the most promising approaches to engaging men and boys in the prevention of VAW. Recognizing that VAW is an epidemic problem in Edmonton, the group began as a White Ribbon campaign focusing on the primary prevention of VAW.

The initiative quickly transformed into a grassroots movement of Edmontonians demanding an end to all male-perpetrated violence, displacing anti-social, and unhealthy behaviours and attitudes stemming from the rigid social norms associated with culturally-dominant masculinities. The scale and community demand made it necessary to form a more structured network, leading to the Men’s Engagement Network Edmonton (MEN Edmonton/ME).