What is ME. (Men Edmonton)?

We're a grassroots movement working to empower men to speak out against violence and take on positive roles in the  community. Through working collaboratively with diverse groups and organizations we aim to create a better, stronger, and safer Edmonton. 

We promote healthy masculinity and healthy relationships.

What the f*#$% is that? It means that we care about men and the people closest to them. Healthier men makes a healthier society.  To us, health means our ability to adapt to our circumstances. The statistics show us that this is an area many of us struggle with. You need to know that you aren't alone and that there are people who can help if a challenge arises you aren't equipped to deal with.

We aim to prevent male perpetrated forms of violence.

"Hey! Not all men are violent!" We know that. 
Unfortunately, most violent crime is still perpetrated by men. We believe that it's important for us to work together across the city to address this. As men, this is an area where we can work to make a real difference. In our language, our peer groups, and even the ways that we choose to interact with strangers in the streets, we can make a better city for the next generation.

We support men in getting involved in our community

We meet men where they're at and build capacity of  volunteers and community members. Don't have much time to commit? We work with you to find a good fit or create your own project with our support.